Lake Creek Alaska is a unique, clear-water river system located in the heart of the Yentna – Susitna River Valley just south of Denali National Park.  Lake Creek is a keystone Alaska salmon stream providing critical habitat for all species of Pacific salmon, native rainbow trout and Arctic Grayling.  Lake Creek as a resource is an extraordinary ecosystem bar-none.  A remote state recreational waterway, the 60-mile river system is managed for multiple use private and commercial recreation.


Lake Creek Silver SalmonLake Creek Alaska salmon runs kick off in early June with the arrival of king salmon.  Kings are most prevalent between June 10 through the first week of July.  By mid-July, the arrival of sockeye and pink salmon become the main fishing focus.  Shortly thereafter, silver and chum salmon arrive in increasing numbers in late July and runs remain strong through the 3rd week of August.  Fly fishing Lake Creek is fantastic and a great method of targeting all salmon species, rainbow trout and grayling.  The nature of the river is what most fly fishermen envision when they dream about Alaskan rivers.  The numerous channels, mid-stream gravel bars, braids,  riffles, eddies and deep-water slots offers great wade fishing opportunities for the beginner and expert alike.  Spin fishing is productive as well, particularly in the early stages of the salmon runs.


Catch and release rainbow trout on Lake Creek.

As mentioned prior, Lake Creek is a critical resource sustaining healthy populations of all pacific salmon, rainbow trout, arctic grayling and various small fish species.  These fish populations support the entire local ecosystem including black and brown bears, bald eagles, extensive shorebird populations, and other keystone wildlife in the area.  Alaska state Department of Natural Resources have a great Management Plan for Lake Creek and other area rivers that help protect critical habitat while creating fair and equitable recreation for all.  The hope is that those visiting and recreating on Lake Creek and other remote rivers of Alaska, will practice sound ethics to protect the precious resources.  Lake Creek, among other remote Alaska river systems is a special place to be enjoyed and respected by all.